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Beyond competition

Beyond our conventional technological recycling line, featuring double-shaft shredders, hammer crushers, separators, and plastic recycling, our technology serves as your gateway to the AI-Recycling world. Dive into a new era of efficiency and innovation with our groundbreaking AI-driven solution.

Ready to step into the world of Artificial Intelligence in the Recylcing Industry?

Our all-in-one recycling system is your perfect introduction.
Tailored for heavy-duty industrial applications, our user-friendly solution seamlessly integrates AI without the need for prior expertise.

Why Opt for Our AI Solution?

User-Friendly Interface: No AI expertise required. Our system is designed for easy adoption by first-time users.

Quick Setup: Our engineers can set up the system at your recycling unit in just 2-3 days.

Comprehensive Support: Our team provides hands-on assistance, ensuring a smooth transition into the world of AI rec

Discover more about the power of AI, machine vision and deep learning. Our advanced technology is designed to revolutionize the recycling industry by increasing recycling companies’ profitablity up to 30%

Key Benefits for First-Time Users

Efficiency Boost: Streamline your recycling processes with AI-driven precision, optimizing resource utilization.

Profit Enhancement: Experience a substantial increase in profit margins as our technology maximizes the value of recycled materials.

Cost Savings: Reduce energy costs by smartly selecting materials that don't require a full recycling process.

Tailor made for The Recycling Industry

Our solutions are meticulously crafted for the unique needs of the recycling industry. We understand the complexities and nuances, offering tailor-made innovations that elevate efficiency and sustainability.

Seamless Integration, Maximum Impact

Achieve maximum impact effortlessly with our seamlessly integrated systems. We prioritize a smooth transition for your operations, ensuring that our technology seamlessly integrates into your existing setup to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Explore the Future of Recycling with Confidence

Embrace the future confidently by partnering with us. Our innovative technologies pave the way for a sustainable and profitable future in recycling. With our cutting-edge advancements, you can explore new possibilities with confidence.

Ready to Double Your Profit Rate?

Apply to our early-bird program and pioneer the sustainable future of recycling. Contact us to seize this unparalleled opportunity.

Cutting-Edge Technology, Behind the Scenes

Wide Spectrum 3D Cameras

Industrial 3D cameras scan the conveyor, detecting shredded fractions in real time. The sorting mechanism, capable of handling 1 ton/hour, ensures efficient sorting with minimal amortization costs.

Unique Sensor System

Our plug-and-play system collects data from critical machinery parts, transferring it to the cloud. With the ability to make decisions and provide reports, this system empowers managers with valuable insights.

Universal Waterproof Case

Designed for non-technical users, our plastic case allows easy modifications and rearrangements. Try our system on your machinery and experience the innovation firsthand!

Introducing Our AI-Based Recycling Sorting System

Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, our solution reduces non-recyclable raw materials, enhances plastic and non-metal recycling rates, and boosts the profit margin of recycling companies. Providing accurate recycling submeter data for specific waste types, our system encourages the re-use or resale of valuable components.

Exciting Announcement: Our PCB recycling technology identifies chip brands, pinpoints semiconductor values, and assesses damage levels.

Join us in shaping the future of recycling, double your profit!

Tested rigorously for over a year, this solution promises a 70% reduction in amortization costs

Requires 60% less production space

needs 80% fewer human resources

increase the profit level of recycling companies by up to 200%

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