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our advantages compare to

Western European recycling TRADERS

Cheaper Hungarian labour cost

Atrifical intellgeinc based recycling techology

Specialized on PCB & Electronic recycling

We DO Component RE-USE

Perfect legal background

Cheaper logistic we have our own fleet

We pay the highest market prices

our advantages compare to


We can take
Low-grade, full eqipments for more competitive prives as we have our processor company

No risk, we pay fix prices

Cashflow, we pay 100%, no risk regarding to your result

By aI, we can recognise values in componenct what others would destroy

Higher recycling rate with the Re-use

We focusing on the plastic recycling too

Always garanted resonable prices, higher enviroment protacion, easy business flow

Most valuable RAW Materials

Join us in shaping the future of recycling, double your profit!

Tested rigorously for over a year, this solution promises a 70% reduction in amortization costs

Requires 60% less production space

needs 80% fewer human resources

increase the profit level of recycling companies by up to 200%

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