GF’s High-Quality

AI-Powered Separator Recycling Technology

Integrated machine vision, deep learning, tailor-made embedded systems


We employ cutting-edge recycling technology to deliver the highest metal yield to our customers.

Precise Sampling

Certified sampling is conducted by professionals from renowned entities such as SGS and Bureau Veritas.


We meticulously classify materials by grade and tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Beyond our innovative technology, our competitive advantage lies in GFH having its own fleet.

Final products

To extract the purest metals, we exclusively collaborate with the most advanced German and Japanese refineries.

Who We Are

General Future Holding Zrt is a licensed WEEE-Recycling company committed to environmental sustainability. We are among the pioneering companies worldwide that have developed AI-Recycling technology, leveraging our material knowledge and operational processing expertise across all e-waste categories.
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re-use By AI-Selector

We are thrilled to announce the impending launch of our groundbreaking AI technology, a solution we’ve rigorously tested in our production environment for more than a year. With the unique ability to identify chip brands, pinpoint semiconductor values, and assess damage levels, our solution is set to revolutionize the PCB recycling industry. Our year-long testing and refinement ensure that we are delivering a proven, cutting-edge solution that will not only increase efficiency but also enhance the profitability of recycling operations. This technology has the potential to increase the profit level of recycling companies by up to 30%.

raw materials

Final Raw Materials

The electronic waste recycling process is inherently complex, particularly when dealing with low-grade fractions comprising over 12 different material types such as PC, PS, ABS plastic, Resin, Lead, Ferrous metal, various Aluminum-Alloys, Copper, Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Thin, along with chip re-use and the selection of still-usable components.

Our firm focuses on precise preprocessing, sorting, and extracting ferrous metal, aluminum, all plastic types, lead, and any hazardous materials, purifying them up to 95-99% using heavy hammer crushers, shredders, grinders, and various types of separators.

Finally, we supply all separated raw materials to the most reliable and competitive refineries globally.

Why we are Better?

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European Recycling Traders

Our advantages compare to

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Current numbers & Facts

We operate as one of the largest electronic recycling companies across the European regions.
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